Is it time to STAND?

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This is the perfect series to follow RESET! After we have RESET our lives – we will be more than willing to STAND for our FAITH! It is time that Christians rise up in powerful … Read More

Could you use a RESET?


To “reset” simply means to set something back to its original purpose and design. Just like you sometimes have to reset your phone or computer when it’s not working properly or it gets stuck, you … Read More

Just a Girl (J.A.G.) by Lu Ann Youngman


This new Bible study for teenage girls ages 13-18 is a seven week study that is packed full of fun activities and great videos. At the conclusion of the study, it will be time to … Read More

Responsible Living from Romans 15:14-33


Remember – you are full of goodness, filled with knowledge, and well able to admonish one another in the faith. Pray for those in mission and ministry. Share with those that have not heard the … Read More