Could you use a RESET?


To “reset” simply means to set something back to its original purpose and design. Just like you sometimes have to reset your phone or computer when it’s not working properly or it gets stuck, you can reset your life to get it running the way God intends—a life full of significance that makes a difference in our world.

Starting September 4, 2016, Winfield UMC will begin a four-week sermon series. Invite someone to join you! We also invite you to fill in this blank: Jesus, will you reset my ______________.

We can be fulfilled. We can be reset. We can be changed, because Jesus changes everything.
Next…set your calendar for September 28,2016 at 6:00pm for a 6 week in-depth Bible Study that takes us deeper into resetting our lives.

Week 1

September 4 – Reset My Heart

Week 3

September 18 – Reset My Voice

Week 2

September 11 – Reset My Mind

Week 4

September 25 – Reset My Hands

Week 5

October 2 – Reset My Burnout

RESET Bible Study Begins

September 28, 2016
6:00 p.m.

Pastor Lu Ann will expound on her sermons in the Bible Study that will further help you as you walk in this new journey of RESET.

In Bible Study, there will be short weekly videos, sharing of life-changing Scriptures, and a time to talk or ask questions. Bible Studies will be each Wednesday evening for six weeks.